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Construction Injuries and Liens

Although construction safety standards have improved over the years, construction work-site injuries still occur. When litigation ensues as a result of those injuries, we have been called upon to defend owners, developers, and general contractors who are blamed for those injuries. We are keen in identifying the causes of the injuries and determining whether others are at fault for the injury-causing accident. We strive to ensure that the mediator or, if the case proceeds to trial, the jury is fully informed about how the accident happened and who is responsible for it, so the right outcome can be reached.

We want to make sure our contractor clients are paid for their work and our property owner clients are not subjected to wrongfully filed liens. Our attorneys advise our contractor clients on the best methods to establish and perfect their construction lien rights, so we can foreclose on those liens if they are not paid, and we have defended property owners against wrongfully filed liens. Construction liens are based on statutes, and the rules for establishing, perfecting, and foreclosing on those liens must be strictly followed to ensure the best results. If strictly followed, the construction lien is a powerful tool for recovering unpaid amounts, and the prevailing party in a construction lien case may be entitled to its attorney fees.

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